Vancouvers Peregrine Falls Bring Experimental Noise to Zaphods

April 21st, 2016 by  |  Published in Show Announcements

Peregrine Falls

On May 5th, Peregrine Falls and the Summer Brothers will be bringing their combined Vancouver weirdness to Zaphod Beeblebrox.

Peregrine Falls are described as “heavy-handed improv with sticks, guitars, and strings.” That’s certainly not a misrepresentation of the band, if their Two Fish EP is anything to go by. Having never seen them, I’m curious how the improvisational elements of their set will come across, but judging by the repetitive, stoner-rock riffs featured on their EP, I could see there being plenty of room within the songs for them to play around and get weird.

While certain songs of theirs have more of a heavy rock feel, certain tracks from their EP, like “Gaza,” have a tribal and almost world music vibe happening. The atmosphere they create with their minimalistic approach towards the instrumentation, with sluggish and droned out repetition, builds an almost psychedelic landscape.

At first look, the Summer Brothers might not seem like the best fit to support the band I just described. Although they can be classified as indie-folk or alt-country, there is a huge, steady mass packed within their tunes. There is certainly a twang to their sound, but it can also move in such a massive and sluggish way that you would think maybe these guys sit around in their cowboy hats listening to Fu Manchu.

In this way, the Summer Brothers can hold their own in terms of loud rock shows, but they often stick to what are clearly their roots–sweeter and more traditional folk songs.

It’s definitely going to be an interesting and eclectic night. It begins at 8:30pm, with $10 bucks at the door.


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