Ty Hall – Nothing But Time

September 27th, 2017 by  |  Published in Local Releases

Ty Hall - promo

Nothing but Time is the latest release from Ty Hall. I’ve been listening to it often over the last month or so.

Ty has been making music for a long time. Nothing But Time is my favourite release to date. It’s a great mesh of the musical influences he has built up over the years, while still maintaining his easy going style.

In my recommendations, I quite often present a list of my top 3 tracks on an album. I recently gave the release another listen with that intention in mind. I gave up about half through the album. As each successive song started to play over my speakers, the first thought in my head each time was, “I really like this one too”. It was an exercise in futility.

Ty covers a lot of ground on his latest release. On tunes like Round and Round, Midnight and Remedy he delivers a catchy hook with an up tempo beat. Songs like Testify and Something Like That may slow the pace a little, but still pull you in with a pleasing chorus. With its eerie sounding riff, Do You Hear the Sounds is another memorable track.

Ty even delivers a couple of enjoyable acoustic numbers with Perfect Harmony and Keep the Fire Hot.

I told you I couldn’t highlight just 3! Do yourself a favour and give Nothing But Time a listen.

Check it out today on:

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