The Strumbellas will return to Ottawa for a show at Mavericks

November 23rd, 2014 by  |  Published in Features, Show Announcements

The Strumbellas- promo - photo credit Heather Pollock

Photo credit: Heather Pollock

The Strumbellas will return to Ottawa for a third time this year as they continue to tour for their Juno winning album We Still Move on Dance Floors. Catch them at Mavericks on December 12th 2014, along with Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs Tickets are only $13.

Check out our interview with The Strumbellas earlier this year ahead of their appearance at the Ottawa Folk Festival.

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The Strumbellas

Born in Toronto but conceived in Lindsay, Ontario, The Strumbellas are equal parts small town dream and big city hustle. It’s strange, perhaps, that Canada’s biggest city is home to its alt-country scene, but The Strumbellas rebel yell is a natural extension of the sound honed by Toronto stalwarts Royal City, The Sadies, Cuff the Duke, The Wilderness of Manitoba, and $100. Principal songwriter Simon Ward likes to say that his heart is in his hometown but his head is in the city, or vice versa, he’s not sure which.

Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs

The Romantic dogs are myself, Aaron Comeau, Matt Bailey, and Kyle Sullivan. Keeping a band together is hard—harder than I ever thought it would be. They don’t tell you that in University—that following your passion will be harder than any essay, exam, or BA (I still have a year to go at Ryerson). But I’m trying. As a band we picked 11 out of 30 songs to appear on this record. We didn’t necessarily pick the best of the best—we’ll save those for the next record. Rather, we chose the 11 songs that represent us as we are, right now. We’re loud, we’re scrappy, we make mistakes when we play—but we’re buddies. These songs transmit a feeling—a sort of excitement. That feeling you get when you’re 20, and it’s the summer time, and you have no idea what is going to happen next—you’re scared of girls, but you find them anyway; you’re no good in social situations, but you end up making people laugh regardless; you don’t think you’ll ever be able to hold down a job, but you blink and all of the sudden you have two of them. These songs are about growing up. They are about navigating the adult world to best of ones ability, without breaking too many hearts.

The Strumbellas
Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs
December 12th 2014

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