The Powergoats – Ruby Headlights

August 29th, 2014 by  |  Published in Local Releases

The Powerboats - promo

With a name like The Powergoats, I was expecting something a little heavier to come barreling out of the speakers. However, what I heard quickly grew on me.

Ruby Headlights was my first introduction to The Powergoats and it’s well worth a listen. The songwriting is strong and it didn’t take long to find myself lost in the rhythm.

My favourite track on the album has to be the reggae tinged Spark It Up, with it’s summertime vibe and great guitar solo.

Following closely behind is News To Me, the album’s first single. It’s a straight ahead rocker with a powerful chorus.

I also couldn’t write this without mentioning Indoor Sunshine. It’s catchy as hell and will probably get some part of your body uncontrollably grooving along to the beat.

It rocks, it rolls, and it never disappoints. Check out Ruby Headlights for yourself on iTunes.

The Powergoats - Ruby Headlights - album cover


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