The Ottawa Music Index fundraiser featured lots of great local talent!

July 21st, 2014 by  |  Published in Concerts

The Wicked Mercy at ClubSAW

This weekend I went to check out the Ottawa Music Index fundraiser/showcase. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get there early enough to catch all of the performers. I was impressed however with the ones I did manage to see.

Not long after I got there, Amanda Cottreau took the stage. With her soothing songs and beautiful voice, it didn’t take long for the crowd to warm up to her. She joked all her songs might make you cry and that was ok. Though no tears were shed, a good time was had.

Next up was Cam Jones. This man needed no microphone for the small venue even though he had one. The sound of his booming voice and energetic strumming easily filled the room. It was a lively and entertaining performance filled with a little humour between songs.

Last up was The Wicked Mercy. I’ve seen them once before and was looking forward to catching another performance. They’ve put together some new material since I last them. It’s hard not to be taken with their dirty blues rock songs. They mentioned a new EP will be ready later this year. We’ll be sure to share it when the time comes.

It was a fun evening. I got to listen to some great music while discovering a little bit more of the hidden musical talent our city has, that’s just waiting to be heard. Make sure you check them out online, or better yet, get out to an upcoming performance.

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