The Goodluck Assembly and Laurent Bourque at the Shenkman Arts Centre

February 10th, 2014 by  |  Published in Concerts

I’ve been impressed with the musical events at the Shenkman Arts Centre showcasing many of our great local artists. This weekend was no exception as they presented a show featuring The Goodluck Assembly and Laurent Bourque. If you haven’t yet been to one of these, you really should. The setup in Richcraft Theatre is fantastic.

The theatre is turned into a small lounge with tables and chairs, even a few couches too. There’s a bar at the back of the room serving up an icy cold one, if you so desire. The stage and lights complete the vibe, providing the perfect backdrop for an intimate musical experience.

Between performances, Chelsea Miller from LiVE 88.5 interviewed the artists, sharing a few laughs.

The highlight of the night is always the performances, and this weekend was no different.

Up first was Laurent Bourque. He strummed his acoustic guitar and sang a few songs from his upcoming album, due out this spring. He was joined on stage by The Goodluck Assembly’s drummer and bassist who provided a nice backdrop for Laurent’s powerful vocals and acoustic stylings. The last time I caught Laurent, was a few years ago as part of the Big Money Shot when he was rocking the stage. His new music is much more mellow and a nice departure as his song writing takes him in a different direction completely. Join Laurent at the Black Sheep Inn as he celebrates the release of his new CD.

The Goodluck Assembly closed out the night with a highly entertaining set, that included Wait For Me, which received strong support from LiVE 88.5 when it was released last year. The song was stuck in my head for months. I’ve been trying to catch the band for a while now and was glad to finally get the chance. They didn’t disappoint as they tore through their set. I couldn’t believe it when they said “Last song.” It felt as if they had just begun. Fortunately, they have another show coming up soon. We’ll keep you posted on the details. Until then, check their albums Demonstrations, or Glowscape. You won’t be disappointed!

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