The Bear’s Christmas Meltdown delivers at Mavericks

December 18th, 2013 by  |  Published in Concerts

This past Saturday at Mavericks, music lovers were treated to one hell of a rock show!

The evening didn’t start off well as the falling snow and an issue at the door prevented me from catching the start of Eagleson‘s performance. I did manage to get in for the last 3 songs however.

I enjoyed what I saw and I wish I’d been able to catch the full set. However, Eagleson has just released their first EP, so there will be plenty of opportunities to catch them around town in the coming months. Just to give you a heads up, they are already on the bill for The Balconie’s CD Release show at Ritual in February.

Up next was Kingston’s The Glorious Sons. It’s easy to see why this band has been tasting growing success lately.

After a soulful intro to their set, lead singer Brett Emmons unleashed his inner Tasmanian Devil as he spent the rest of the performance thrashing about on stage, using every inch of what little space he had. Thankfully no blood was shed when he delivered an accidental head butt to one of his band mates.

From the raspy vocals, to the infectious rhythms, to the display of energy on stage, there was nothing not to like about The Glorious Sons’ performance. You seriously have to see them perform the next time they roll into town!

The evening’s headliners, Jonas and The Massive Attraction from Montreal, were equally impressive. The band was happy to be performing once again on Canadian soil after spending most of 2013 touring Europe in support of their latest album Live Out Loud.

Jonas was in fine form as he strutted his stuff on stage, performing before a large following, many of whom trekked across the river from Gatineau on this cold evening. The Massive Attack displayed their chops stretching out a few of the songs with engaging jams. I was taken by the dexterity of guitarist Corey Diabo, whose fingers danced across the fretboard with ease.

The band ended off the night with a quick 2 song encore, before heading to the merch table to mingle with fans and sign autographs.

Despite the bad start to my evening, I really enjoyed this show and look forward to catching all of these bands perform again.

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