The Balconies, Dear Rouge and The Capitol Beat @ Canterbury High School

November 25th, 2013 by  |  Published in Concerts

The Balconies made a triumphant return to their former high school to the delight of their screaming fans packed around the front of the stage. As they unleashed their frantic show, Jacquie, known for her boundless energy and hair whips held nothing back. The band tore through a set consisting mostly of music from their soon to be released album Fast Motions. The switch of Liam to guitar has definitely given the music more punch.

The Balconies will be back again in a few months as part of a series of shows promoting the release of the new album, which the crowd were all too eager to snatch up after the performance. Stay tuned for details!

Preceding The Balconies were Dear Rouge. There has been a lot of great music coming out of Vancouver recently, and you can definitely add Dear Rouge to that list. The duo’s electro-dance-rock grooves had the audience dancing along in front of the stage. They were definitely a hit based on the crowd gathered around the merch table after their performance. If you haven’t yet heard them, you should definitely check them out! I hope it’s not too long before they make their way back to Ottawa.

Opening up the evening was The Capitol Beat. A few of the members are also former Canterbury alumni. The music was funky, their performance was lively and fun. Check out their recently released EP on their bandcamp site.

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