Spotlight Profile: Almost Kennedy

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Almost Kennedy

Almost Kennedy is a local Ottawa band fresh off their first EP. Check out our article on their EP release.  We detail why we’re fans of Heard Them Talk.

October 26 – Pressed: Texas King’s EP Release with Mosely and Almost Kennedy.

How did you guys start out?

Kieran and I (Max) met at a U of O track and field party through some mutual friends and we spoke about jamming in the future. My band at the time was starting to fizzle out so after a couple Karaoke nights at FnS we planned to meet with a couple of my old bandmates and decided to start a band. A few band member changes later, we found Christian and Aiden on Kijiji and went from there.

Why are you in a band & how do you define success?

Professional Karaoke Singer doesn’t sound as cool. But really, there’s nothing better than having the opportunity to write your own music and playing on stages. We define success as the opportunity to play bigger and bigger shows and having people enjoying our stuff, all while playing/writing music we like.

Do you incorporate any covers into your set?

Depending on the set we’ll try to play at least one cover. In the past, we’ve covered The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons, and more. We also usually have a mashup of covers in place of the bridge in New Mexico when we play live. We started doing this because we didn’t have enough time to think of a bridge before playing it live at one of our shows, it just stuck from there!

We’re still thinking about what our next cover will be but we have considered covering Two Door Cinema or Arcade Fire.

What are some influences on your music?

For our last EP, some of the main influences would be The Neighbourhood, Catfish and The Bottlemen, and The 1975. We’re inspired by a lot of elements from their songs and sound, such as The Neighbourhood’s great ambiance, Catfish and The Bottlemen’s powerful choruses, and The 1975’s fun guitar riffs.


Check them out for yourself here; or wherever you get your music.  The band is currently writing some new material for the new year, so be sure to follow and keep your ears keen.


Almost Kennedy

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