Sound of Lions – Take Me With You

April 3rd, 2014 by  |  Published in Local Releases

Sound of Lions - promo

Sound of Lions could easily have called their latest “Take You With Me”. With the opening sounds, they instantly carry you away on a musical journey that is undeniably all their own.

From start to finish, Take Me With You is a pleasing interchange of sonic contrasts, from mellower numbers like Skyline and Goodbye, to the more aggressive sounds of Bats and Bedrooms.

For the majority of the album Whitney DeLion’s vocals are somewhat soft and soothing, a sharp contrast to the harder edge of Christian Awad’s raps.

I was especially taken with Telephone, which starts off soft and trippy before ending with a crescendoing wall of sound and a vocal sequence that shows off the power of DeLion’s voice. I can just imagine how fantastic this song will sound live.

Take Me With You deserves a listen. You can hear some of it live as they celebrate the release this weekend (April 5th, 2014) at Zaphods.

Sound of Lions - Take Me With You - album cover

Sound of Lions – Bedrooms

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