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March 4th, 2018 by  |  Published in New Music

Morris Ogbowu - promo. Photo by Thajell F. aka Donatello.

Morris Ogbowu promo. Photo credit: Thajell F. aka Donatello

Mood is the second video off of Morris Ogbowu’s recently released album This That Mo.

Providing a little background on his tune, Morris shares, “A lot of anger and rage is the perceived basis on which the verses were written as ‘Mood’ gives a quick account of a few things. From straightening out some of the dynamics in relationships and friendships, to the frustrations artists face when invested in their art as a full time commitment while attempting to thrive off their passion for creating and sharing art.”

“The storytelling angle however, directs and gives purpose as I address internal struggles of having an unorthodox approach towards music creation and other relate-able dilemmas of the unheard/underground acts brewing in the city of Ottawa, especially from an outspoken perspective grounded in Hip-hop. I thought the dark and vulgar tone on mood will challenge the listener’s ears in pacing with the tension and rawness. As the track builds up in intensity towards the end, the subject matters are referenced in short one-liners to remain with you after the first listen.”

Mood was produced by Nikul and MixedbyOtr, while the video was shot and directed by Just Jay.

Give it a listen and be sure to check out the rest of the album!

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