Metronome Jones – Ready to unleash new EP at Zaphods

August 16th, 2015 by  |  Published in Interviews, Show Announcements

Metronome Jones - promo

Photo credit: Kim Vincent

On August 21st, Metronome Jones will be releasing their latest EP (self-titled) at Zaphods. They will be joined by Alex Silas and the Subterraneans, as well as Lost to the River (formerly Miss Polygamy). You can grab advance tickets for $7, or $10 at the door (which open at 8pm).

I recently sat down with the band to discuss the show and the new album and how it compared to 2013’s Porch.

Ben began, “It’s a little more progressive, groovier,” to which Matt H added, “There’s more dynamics and big moments. It has a few more dance beats too.”

Matt Y noted, “We took time to stop playing shows. It’s more crafted than our last one. There was a difference in how we wrote the guitar and bass lines. They’re more intertwined this time around.”

“There’s more interplay between the 2,” added Matt H.

Ben summed it up stating, “This one is closer to what we were shooting for on the last one.”

The guys worked with Terry Benn in Napanee (who has also worked with Ottawa’s The Superlative). “It was a lot of fun. We did a few weekends in February. The first weekend was drums, then bass, guitars and vocals,” said Matt Y.

Laughing Matt H added, “I think we drove through all the worst storms this winter.”

“For this album we wanted to capture our live sound, not so much layering,” mentioned Matt Y.

“It was a little different from how Terry normally works. He had a lot of great of ideas for getting some different tones,” added Ben.

As our conversation started to turn to the upcoming release show, Matt H said, “We’re excited to get back on stage. Our last show was about a year ago!”

Fans can expect about a 50 minute set, which will start out with the new material before the band breaks out some of their older stuff. The guys are excited to have Alex Silas and Lost in the River join them. Ben stated, “We wanted to get a variety of sounds and mix it up a little, make it worth staying for every band.”

The album is well worth checking out! Take a listen to the first single Waiting on the Winter.

More info on the release show can be found on the Facebook event page.


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