Metronome Jones – Porch

April 24th, 2014 by  |  Published in Local Releases

Metronome Jones

Metronome Jones’ latest EP Porch is definitely worth checking out.

With the opening track Olivia, the band wastes no time amping up the energy. This tune just grabbed me instantly with it’s driving rhythm, frantic beat and scratchy vocal. This is definitely my favorite track off of Porch.

But even when the band slows down, they still find a groove. With it’s bluesy intro Foolish shows off the diversity of Metronome Jones. The band has a lot of different influences and you can hear it across the album.

I’ve listened to Porch many times now and I’m always left wishing I could hear just a few more from the band.

Metronome Jones - Porch album cover

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