Lowest of the Low and the Nils Ready for Ritual

April 4th, 2016 by  |  Published in Show Announcements

Lowest of the Low


This Friday, April 8th, Canadian 90’s legends the Lowest of the Low will be taking the stage at Ritual with contemporaries, the Nils.

In 1991, Toronto-based the Lowest of the Low released the alt-rock album Shakespeare My Butt, which went on to be included in the top-ten of Chart’s “Best Canadian Albums of All Time” poll on three different occasions. The album also briefly enjoyed recognition as the best-selling indie album in Canadian history upon its release.

The band has an alt-rock/folk-punk kind of sound that could have only been bred in the 90’s. There’s a similarity in tone and pace that has me comparing them to R.E.M, which makes sense considering the context of the time they were coming up in. Also, despite some of the stylistic choices they had the liberty to safely make beneath the umbrella of alt-rock, there is a clean and mainstream appeal to their sound—specifically their vocals. They almost sounds to me like what you would get if Alan Doyle spent less time on the coast and more time on the mainland.

Joining them will be the Nils, a band out of Montreal who, leaning more towards the punk side of things, have had many moments over the last few decades worth mentioning. Among their accomplishments, in 1983 they shared the stage with the Ramones at the historic Montreal venue, The Spectrum.

While being associated with many mid-80’s/early-90’s punk acts, (mainly due to being featured on the L.A. punk comp Something to Believe in for BYO records) the Nils fuse many popular alternative traits into their sound. Their fast-paced and energetic instrumentals, reminiscent of the Replacements, are often offset by their calming, J Mascis-esque vocals.

Ottawa’s No Fly List will be starting off the night with their fusion of sounds from 70’s cock-rock, 90’s post-punk/alt, and modern-day experimental styles.

The show begins at 8 pm with $20 advance tickets (plus service charge). It’s sure to be an evening of nostalgia, good energy and feel-good tunes that you do not want to miss.


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