Liam Lloyd unleashes Against the Sun

November 14th, 2012 by  |  Published in Features, Interviews, New Music

Liam Lloyd @ Big Money Shot 2011 Grand Finals

Liam Lloyd has just released his latest album. A new album typically means a cd release party, right? Yes……but Liam has decided to turn the typical release party concept on its head. In what could possibly be a first, Liam’s cd release will be a karaoke affair.

“Karaoke?” your asking. Yes it’s true. Liam will not even be performing at his own release party! Instead, with the help of Eric Eggleston (of Johnny Hall Productions who produced Liam’s new disc) the two have put together an instrumental version of the album. Liam has chosen some good friends to sing each of the tracks karaoke style. As Liam put it, “I basically wanted to do something different.”

Against the Sun has been in production since January of this year. With a few songs ready to go, the rest were only ideas that were finished up during the recording process. “I had written the lyrics for Medicine in Music while I was down in LA earlier this year and emailed them to myself. I found them during the summer while I was cleaning out my inbox and put some chords to them.”

It was a slow going approach with lots of time spent on each track, but as Liam mentioned “That’s the way I like to work. Do a version, give it a few listens and then maybe sit on it for a while. Maybe play it for friends. Go back and work on it.” He was quick to add with a laugh, “It’s longer, probably more expensive!”

If you may recall, Liam made the top 6 in last year’s LiVE 88.5 Big Money Shot. The money he picked up along the way allowed him to fund the new album. It has also has given him the opportunity to put together his first music video. The initial video will be for Medicine In Music. It is nearly complete and should follow hot on the heals of the new album. The video also features Angela Marie who added vocals to the track.

With plans for a second video in the works, it is now time for Liam to turn his attention to getting his music heard on the radio and by music fans across Canada. With some promo underway, he can then get back to what he loves most, playing his music live on stage.

Liam Lloyd - Against the Sun album cover

Against the Sun CD Release:
Sunday, November 18th at the Newfoundland Pub (940 Montreal Rd)
$10 cover (includes a cd)
Guest singers: Eli Boucher, Shawn Tavenier, Jess Murray, Ryan MacIntyre, Matt Luloff, Ben Cooper and Angela Marie

You can also pick up the new album online at CD Baby and iTunes.

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