Kings Of Lowertown will play early evening show at Avant-Garde Bar

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Kings Of Lowertown at Avant-Garde Bar

Kings Of Lowertown return to the stage with songs from their impending Missouri Lowsider EP at the esteemed Avant-Garde Bar on December 2nd, 2017 at 5pm. Cover is only $3.

Kings Of Lowertown welcomes multi-instrumentalist Jon Christink of Pembroke, Ontario into the fold playing slide guitar, electric guitar and banjo.

Missouri Lowsider was written by songwriter, vocalist, rhythm guitarist and band founder Mike Mackey and produced and engineered in Greenwood, Ontario by Blinker The Star’s Jordon Zadorozny.

The new recordings dig deeper into the band’s own, distinct rural blues sound, and lyrically deal with the tribulations of small town outsiders living lives on the periphery of society.

You can check out the Facebook event page for any last minute updates.

You mentioned that Jon Christink has joined the band. How long has the core been together?
That’s hard to recollect – It seems to be lost amongst moments of time. The creative core, it seems, has existed perhaps for five years or more.

Describe your sound for those unfamiliar with Kings Of Lowertown.
Without doubt the overall sound a true, unique Ottawa Valley sound shaped and produced by the reclusive and legendary music person Jordon Zadorozny of Blinker The Star and, to a much lesser extent, myself, in Greenwood, Ontario. Jon Christink has impacted the sound in measurable ways and has provided interesting perspectives unconsidered until he appeared – In addition, Jon has instructed and learned me on how to re-tool the music process and access new creative ground. He is a true gent and exploding talent. The sound is rural and guitar and banjo based.

Your upcoming show will feature new music from your impending release Missouri Lowsider EP. How long was the project in the works and when will it be released?
“Missouri Lowsider” was in the works for at least a few years – It was a slow cooker – I had been re-listening to Springsteen’s “Nebraska”, R.E.M.’s I.R.S. label years and Leonard Cohen’s ” The Future” and “Various Positions” and most likely very influenced by these recordings – There were lots of my own songs to sort out and decide upon – and rewrite and edit and so forth – Finally, all materials and notions went into the crucible and the EP had form. The EP will be released sometime in late winter or early spring 2018. And available initially at live performances throughout the Ottawa Valley.

Do you have any videos in the works, or planned for the new music?
Yes, there is a video being mapped out – I’m currently studying the photographic arts and have stumbled on several worthwhile ideas for a video. Also, there is a wonderful art gallery developed by Patrick John Mills in Renfrew, Ontario that is informing the process as well as Concordia University’s phenomenal, emerging artist, Eve Roy of Montréal, Q.C. My latest video “Woodpile” (Produced and engineered by Jordon Zadorozny and filmed by LeMay Media) is available on the wonderful, artist friendly platform of Vimeo.

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