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September 20th, 2019 by  |  Published in Features, New Music, News

Josephine Leone - band promo shot

Josephine Leone‘s latest video for So Fine was shot and edited by Andrew Robillard. Direction was given by Andrew Robillard and front person Valerie-Josephine. Adria Nadler from Play Dead Vintage helped with the wardrobe design.

According to drummer Peter Gene, “As well as being one of Valerie-Josephine’s personal favourites from our upcoming album Gold In The Fire, we chose this song as our next single because we feel it has a good groove that people will want to crank up while enjoying the beautiful summer weather that is finally here. It also showcases our new grungier rock sound that is heard on this new album.”

The concept for this video was invented by Josephine who had a vision of portraying a disturbed character named Vanessa to represent everyone who knows the pain of confusion, who has struggled with identity, or who just feels the need to step out of the box.

The song is about feeling like you’re going crazy but telling yourself that everything is going to be ok. Sometimes all we need is the freedom to explore, which we wanted to express through Vanessa in this video. The more we seek for peace within, the more we realize that despite the outward feelings of chaos, confusion and uncertainty, everything really is so fine.

The timing for shooting the video, in hindsight, snuck in under the wire. As Peter revealed, “We had a hard time finding a location that matched our vision to shoot this video. After a lot of searching and even making elaborate plans of building our own set, we finally found the location and it was right under our nose the whole time. The storage garage at Josephine’s house was empty and scheduled to be torn down. The space was exactly what we were looking for and luckily everyone was available to shoot the video with only a day to spare before the building was demolished.”

Check out So Fine for yourself! Catch Josephine Leone soon on their mini album release tour, including a local date on October 19th at Babylon Nightclub.


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