Iconoclast – Are We Dying

July 27th, 2012 by  |  Published in Local Releases, New Music

Iconoclast - band promo

So far, it’s been a good year for Iconoclast. A new album, their CD release presented by 106.9 The Bear and an opening slot for Theory Of A Deadman.

Speaking of their new album Are We Dying, I must admit that after my first listen, my impression was “meh”. However I never listen to an album just once. After a few listens, the guitar riffs and song rhythms started pulling me in and sticking in my head. With each listen a different song was making me take notice.

The album starts off strong with the lead track Wondering. From there, I really got caught up in the grooves offered up in Hide the Knives and Single Act of Lust, and the driving chorus of the title track Are We Dying. The album also has it’s mellower side. While Vultures Overhead starts off sounding like it would fit squarely in that category, it builds to a pounding rhythm towards the end, acting as the perfect gel to hold the album together. To be honest, I could keep going. It’s hard to pick favorites.

Lead singer Marc Bourgon’s scruffy vocals sit nicely atop the musical rhythms laid down by his bandmates. If you like your riff driven rock ‘n roll, you should definitely give this album a listen!

Check out Are We Dying on iTunes.

Iconoclast - Are We Dying - album cover

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