All Day Breakfast Never Stops Sounding Good

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All Day Breakfast is a small band with a big sound. Guitarist Stefan Jurewicz and drummer Alan Tweedley both share vocal responsibilities in this garage rock ball of energy that’s had a shave and a shower. Their debut EP All The Rage mashes heavy fuzz and brow-beating drums with catchy and never-a-dull-moment songwriting. The EP opens and closes nicely with a steady foundational rhythm, a side of guitar soup and Alan and Stefan circling around your head spouting their Dadaist chatter.

The meat of the album starts off with By Now. The song greets you with a punchy rhythm that washes into a sea of noise as Stefan turns up the fuzz and riffs over Alan’s breakbeat drumming. Stefan’s guitar work easily swings between clean and heavily fuzzed out. It’s difficult to describe his versatility without the word “effortless”. Around the corner comes Young Hooligans, sang by Stefan. It’s hooky, catchy, heavy, and energetic. Man, you’ve got to hear that song. It’ll be stuck in your head for days.

Next up is the EP’s title track All The Rage. The song is my personal favourite on the album. It’s a dynamic roller coaster that takes you to soaring heights and somber lows in a matter of seconds. Sonically, Stefan drives the song with rolling riffs that fill the sonosphere while Alan’s vocals greet you like a warm friend and manically take you on a mountainous journey.

Cleaning up the jam-packed-with-jams EP is Little Light. Like an Ottawa winter that is one day calm and the next day Hell-frozen-over with blizzards, this song gives enough warmth to pass through the winter by draping a bare-bones raw song in a wooly-mammoth fur coat.

The entire EP is a fantastic breakout release for this Ottawa/Toronto pair. No review of their music can be complete without mentioning how distinctly beautiful Alan’s voice is. You’ve heard things like it, some singers come close, but nobody can cut through a track and grip your heart much like Alan can. His lyrics throughout the album speak of modern love and modern fears while never letting up the energy and passion he has for life.

All Day Breakfast’s All The Rage EP will leave you hungry for more. Like an explosion in the wild, this duo will blast you off to the moon and keep you company the whole way there. Their heavy garage indie rock sound is an unshakeable sonic pillar that delivers a powerful punch and never stops pleasing.

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