Cody Allen – Ignite

June 9th, 2015 by  |  Published in Local Releases

Cody Allen - promo - photo credit Sean Sisk

photo credit: Sean Sisk

There’s something distinct about Cody Allen‘s voice. Whenever I hear one of his songs, I just know it’s him. On his latest release Ignite, he presents 6 new tracks that are distinctly Cody.

The lead track, Heart of a Lion is a surefire hit. I can’t stop listening to it. Maybe because it most reminds me of his live performances. It’s definitely the most rocking number on the album.

Headstrong is another strong piece. There’s a trippy riff that keeps making an appearance. It fits the song perfectly and grabs my ear every time.

Fire opens with an ominous sounding riff, but drifts into an uplifting chorus. I love the musical twists and turns throughout this tune, and the whole album actually. Cody seems to keep your ears guessing as he pulls you along on his musical journey. It’s the kind of songwriting that makes this album a keeper.

Slap whatever label you want on it, folk, alt country, rock, it doesn’t matter, they all fit. Just give Ignite a listen and enjoy the ride.

Cody Allen - Ignite - album cover

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