Citizen and Guests Stop at Ritual Nightclub

April 13th, 2016 by  |  Published in Show Announcements


Wednesday, April 20th, Ritual Nightclub will be hit with a wave of pop punk when Citizen, Turnover, Sorority Noise, and Milk Teeth come to Ottawa.

Citizen, a rock band from the Michigan and Ohio areas, have a sound heavily influenced by pop punk and emo music, fitting perfectly into the Run for Cover Records realm of bands. Having worked with producers that have collaborated with bands like Title Fight and Circa Survive, Citizen successfully walk that line between forward moving punk energy, and melodic, atmospheric terrain. At one moment, their music can bring you to a place of serenity and calm, only to rip you away without notice, forcing you into an abrasive and wrenching cornucopia of bellowing yells and distorted noise, reminiscent of some of their contemporaries like Tigers Jaw, Basement, or Title Fight.

While compared to a variety of genres like indie, grunge, pop, and emo, the band’s latest release, Everybody Is Going to Heaven, has been called an alt-rock/emo record with elements of shoegaze interwoven within it. The contrasting traits they implement in their sound are sure to make for a great evening and an interesting show.

With them for the evening are labelmates Turnover, from Virginia Beach. Again, fitting into the specific style of what one can expect from a Run for Cover band, Turnover blend melodic and emotional traits with a fast paced punk style. With a sound that harkens back to the early 2000’s era of pop punk and emo, the band are a perfect complement to Citizen’s style and aesthetic.

The two bands kicking the night off are emo/pop punk outfit Sorority Noise from Connecticut, who use a Right Away, Great Captain-like mellowness that progresses into larger, theatrical sounds, and the UK’s Milk Teeth who use noise and melody as a bridge between grunge and emo.

The show begins at 6pm, April 20th, and is open to ages 16 and over (with exceptions made for 14-15-year-olds accompanied by parent or guardian) with tickets priced at $16.50.

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