Chariots of the Gods – Tides of War

September 20th, 2013 by  |  Published in Local Releases

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I was impressed by Chariots of the Gods‘ first full length release Tides of War.

I must admit, that I was a little bit hesitant at first, as this is not a vocal style that I typically listen to a lot of. However, when you layer those vocals over the pounding thrash metal groove that I love, I find it to be an interesting combination.

The title track, Tides of War is what initially drew me in. With it’s driving beat and straight ahead groove, it grabbed me right away. I couldn’t help but listen to it several times.

Chariots of the Gods - Tides of War - album cover

From there I started digging into the rest of the album. Other tracks that made me take notice included Seventh Weapon, and Severing the Bloodline (1917).

Another equally strong track is Ambrosian Wings with it’s unexpected piano ending. The piano gave me a short pause from their sonic mayhem, as did the acoustic instrumental Snow Falls on the White River (1914), before the band launched back into their dual guitar assault.

Produced by Glen Robinson (Gwar, Annihilator, Queensryche, Voivod), Tides of War artfully blends together elements of thrash, death and metalcore into a sound that is sure to have people take notice of Chariots of the Gods.

Watch the video for the title track Tides of War and then go and check out the rest of the album.


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