Buck N’ Nice – So Strong For So Long video

October 15th, 2014 by  |  Published in New Music

Buck N' Nice - promo

Check out the video for So Strong For So Long from the Ottawa duo Buck N’ Nice. The song is off their debut album Us Versus Them.

SawBuck had this to say about their new video, “So Strong For So Long is a record that when first heard, sounds as though SawBuck is breaking up with his girl. The wordplay used to write the song made it so. In actuality, the song has nothing to do with a woman. It’s a “breakup” song with hip hop. Once the listener realizes this, the video makes a lot more sense. Directed by Alexandre Nour Desjardins of EtCetera Productions, the visuals add another element of creativity to Buck N’ Nice’s very intentionally cynical “pop appeal” record. Shot in static, dull in terms of colour, the lack of facial expression on SawBuck, with the only movement being at the very end, was also very intentional on Desjardins behalf. The video is further representation of the stagnant state of hip hop that Buck N’ Nice refuse to conform to. The movement at the end is symbolic that the duo are locking themselves in the studio, taking action to bring the genre back to it’s roots.”

It’s a catchy track that grabbed me at first listen. Be sure to check out the rest of Us Versus Them and mark November 22nd 2014 on your calendar for their album release at the House of Targ.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/107109386 w=600&h=336]

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