Bluesfest locals: Emmanuelle Querry

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Emmanuelle Querry promo photo

Emmanuelle Querry

The Bluesfest locals series will introduce you to the talented music makers from the Ottawa area performing at this year’s RBC Bluesfest. Come on out early to Bluesfest and discover some great new local music!

Emmanuelle Querry

Sunday, July 9
8:00 pm
Barney Danson Theatre


Emmanuelle Querry is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Gatineau. Featuring a fresh and catchy sound, she explores multiple sides of pop music, including r&b. In the spring of 2022, she released her very first EP entitled “20”, a reflection of her early twenties. Her style captures the balance between tenderness and confidence, while delivering a dynamic and heartfelt vocal performance. Having shared the stage with Ariane Moffat, Louis-Jean Cormier and Vincent Vallières, the singer-songwriter holds a spark of authenticity that instantly charms her public.

The Talent

Emmanuelle Querry – Vocals
Isaac Byicaza – Keys and bass
Mateo Salmon – Ddrums


Who was the first person you told you were performing at Bluesfest this year?
The first person I called upon learning the news was my mother. Since I had applied a few months ago, we had somewhat set it aside. But when I received the email, I was so happy, and my mother was almost happier than me! It has always been a big festival in the region, and she was very proud that I was going to be able to perform on stage.

Please describe your sound.
I have a very versatile pop sound, but it always maintains its R&B and electronic accents. I enjoy being able to explore a range of different moods, ranging from upbeat and danceable to laid-back and chill, and even romantic. Writing primarily in French, I believe that the blend of lyrics and a slightly groovy sound can make it all very interesting and easy to listen to, even for those who may face a language barrier.

How did you get started on your musical journey?
I started my musical journey at a young age. By the time I was 5 years old, I was already on stage, dressed up and ready to perform songs at my school’s show. My parents always encouraged me to pursue music, so I did a lot of musicals, shows, and music lessons throughout my childhood. I’m extremely grateful for the support I had because it allowed me to gain experience at a young age and nurture my passion. As I grew older, everything started to fall into place, and it became almost inevitable for me to pursue a career in music. I began releasing singles and performing as a professional artist on stage in the past two years.

What’s your connection to Ottawa and the local music scene?
Being originally from Gatineau and a Francophone, I certainly have more experience in the Quebec music scene. I have performed in several key shows in my region, particularly during Saint-Jean celebrations and last year’s 20th anniversary celebration of my city. Surprisingly, Bluesfest was one of my first shows in Ottawa. Since I am a Francophone, I have always focused on Quebec, but I believe it is very interesting for me to present my songs in a predominantly English-speaking environment. With my music being very accessible, I believe I can attract a great audience in Ottawa as well!

Will you be playing any new music at Bluesfest and/or releasing/released new music ahead of your performance?
For the first time in a while, I don’t have any upcoming launch projects in the short term. I’m currently in the creative process, working on eventually releasing another EP, but for now, I feel very comfortable with the idea of taking my time and creating new music. Performing shows and living off my art inspire me greatly, and I believe it’s important for an artist to take the time to be inspired and build upon that. Especially in today’s era, artists face constant pressure to be proactive, but I believe that taking the time to work on our craft is always beneficial! However, I am thrilled to be performing several new songs during my performance. I am exploring new sounds, and I believe I am honing in on a style that represents me even more. I can’t wait to see the audience’s reaction!

What artists are you hoping to catch during this year’s Bluesfest?
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this year’s lineup! From Pitbull to Thundercat? Badbadnotgood to Shania Twain? I love the variety, and I believe I’ll be well-served in all music styles. Many of the performing artists have also inspired me in what I do. As mentioned, Shania Twain, but also Charlotte Cardin and Tegan & Sara. Absolutely, those are incredibly strong and confident female artists, and I believe there is a lot to learn from them. Their talent, artistry, and the way they navigate the music industry can serve as powerful inspiration and valuable lessons. It’s wonderful to have such role models to look up to and draw inspiration from in my own artistic journey.

Any performances people could catch ahead of Bluesfest?
I have a few performances during the summer, including one on the same weekend as Bluesfest. I will be presenting my first headline show at Le Minotaure in Gatineau. It’s a highly reputable bar and venue in my region, and I’m really excited to finally be able to showcase my own show there. In September, I will be performing at the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival as the opening act for singer Claude Dubois. It’s also a well-known festival where I used to go every year while growing up, so it’s special for me to participate in it as an artist!

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