Big Money Shot 2013 Grand Finals – Precise Kenny Creole and Blak Denim

October 30th, 2013 by  |  Published in Concerts

Precise Kenny Creole and Blak Denim put on one hell of a show. So much so, that I can’t wait to see them perform again. Hip-hop done right with a full band, and I mean full! The stage at Ritual is not large, yet they managed to fit 10 musicians up there, along with all of their instruments.

Once the competition hit the third round, the bands had to hook up with a song writer to put together a fresh tune. Afterwards they were paired with a local producer to record and submit the final production. It was their tune Intoxicated that first made me take notice of them. A fun, bouncy tune with an ever so catchy groove.

I was looking forward to hearing the song live, and they pulled it off in spectacular fashion. The band had a large crowd present at the show, who were grooving right along with them for the entire set. Their final tune saw a few of the members leave the stage to perform in the middle of the crowd. A fun time was had by all.

If you’re into hip-hop, you have to check these guys out!

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