Big Money Shot 2011 Grand Finals – Fire and Neon, Liam Lloyd, Silvergun & Spleen

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Big Money Shot 2011 Grand Finals @ Saint Brigid's Centre for the Arts

Unfortunately, 3 bands had to walk away empty handed from the Grand Finals. Those bands were Fire and Neon, Liam Lloyd, and Silvergun & Spleen.

Fire and Neon put on a great set. The drum bit with all 3 members about halfway through was a unique and memorable moment from the evening. I really enjoyed seeing them take the stage again and can’t wait to see another performance. Keep your eyes on them and get out to see them when you get the chance.

Liam Lloyd delivered as expected. Having seen him perform a couple of times already he didn’t disappoint. His set was both energetic and entertaining. With an excellent band behind him, his songs really do come to life on stage. Whether he’s rocking out or slowing things down, there’s a little something there for everyone to enjoy.

Silvergun & Spleen came out for a fun set in their trademark shorts and hockey socks. Their energy was contagious as they bounced around the stage for most of their set. It’s hard not to get into a performance when someone is having that much fun on stage.

All 3 bands should be proud of their accomplishments this year. Each has walked away with a total of $20,000 in talent support courtesy of LiVE 88.5 and performed their music to crowds that wouldn’t have heard them otherwise. I’m sure each has picked up many new fans along the way. I know I fall into that category.

Saint Brigid’s Centre for the Arts is a great venue for live music. The acoustics are fantastic and it has great site lines. My only complaint is the pews. I wish they could be taken out so that it was an open space. Alas, that will never happen. Regardless, if you have a chance to catch a performance here, check it out!

Thanks to LiVE 88.5 for once again putting together another great competition.

In case you missed them, you can check out the photos for The Love Machine, Hearts & Mines, and Down In Ashes.

Big Money Shot 2011 Grand Finals @ Saint Brigid's Centre for the Arts

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