Become the Sun – CD Release Party

March 3rd, 2011 by  |  Published in Concerts

Here are some photos from Become the Sun‘s recent CD Release Party for their new EP – Fire. The event took place at the LiVE Lounge. The band put on an energetic set to the delight of their fans, who were very vocal for an encore. The guys played several tracks off Fire, as well as a few covers. They even managed to slip in a new song to their set, which they had not played live before. Fun times. Try and catch these guys on stage next time you get the chance.

Also on the bill were Jamie Nudds and Right By Midnight.

Jamie was in from St. Catherines, ON with his band. He’s got a powerful voice. The highlight of his set for me was his song “Give My Regards’. You can give it a listen on his myspace page.

Unfortunately we were only treated to half of Right By Midnight. For some reason they were without their bassist and drummer. I never did find out the story. However they still played a good set, though you got the sense in some of the songs that they were meant to be performed by a full band.

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