Bearings Double Down On Their Sound With Latest Release

April 20th, 2016 by  |  Published in Local Releases


Pop punk can be a tricky genre to nail down sometimes. While some would consider bands like the Queers or Screeching Weasel to be primary examples of the genre, others might reference Blink-182, All Time Low, or Fallout Boy when describing it. The truth is, neither are really wrong. While the genre started with just fast, punk songs with catchy, poppy melodies in the vein of the Ramones, eventually the mainstream success of bands like Sum 41 or Green Day started making the style more accessible. Later, emo and post-hardcore bands started booming as well, and the genres kind of fused.

Within seconds of hearing the opening track of Home is… by Ottawa’s Bearings, it’s clear that they were more influenced by polished, mainstream bands. The band released its first EP, Higher Ground, in early 2015. This three-track follow-up shows the band quickly progressing with their style, upping the quality of the instrumentals and bringing the vocals to a next level.

Bearings’ overall sound is a blend of melodic and aggressive, chunky instrumentals with emotional vocals and layered harmonies that make the choruses swell. There are tons of parts that you can envision a crowd singing along to, and the quick shifts from hardcore-esque breakdown riffs into fast punk drumming, or even some more technical noodling here and there, keep the sound interesting.

Home is… is a short, three-track burst of pop punk energy, opening with the track “Indecision,” which starts off calm and sweet, throwing in spastic little fits of energy, before finally going into a steady and catchy chorus. The first thing I noticed was the inflectional tone of the vocals which, like many pop punk singers that started anytime after 2001, have a loose, Tom Delonge-like feel to them.

The next track, “What’s Best for You,” showed more of an aggressive side of the band, particularly in the vocals which had much more of an edge, showing the singers ability to keep things dynamic between soft and hard styles. This song in particular was vocally driven, with the chorus being very inviting to the possibility of crowds chanting along.

The final song of Home is… was my personal favourite, “Absence.” There was an energy to this song that I really enjoyed, starting off with the classic trope of a bass and drums intro. Absence also showcased the aggressive side of the vocals that I preferred in the bands styles.

If you like fun, singalong, power-pop music with a harder punk edge, definitely keep an eye on Bearings and pick up Home is…


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