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Crown Lands, Onionface & Trunk at Live on Elgin 2016-08-31

On the advice of a good friend, I trucked on down to Live on Elgin on Wednesday last to take in Oshawa duo Crown Lands. Teamed up with Ottawa heavy-rockers Onionface and Trunk, these three nuclear-energy bands served up one hell of a monster night of full-tilt Rock&Roll and manic Psychedelic Rock. Trunk blasted open […]

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Sophisticated Surrealism : Contemplating The Music Of The Haig

In two and a half years The Haig have released two albums, the enigmatic Template For Disaster and its equally cryptic sibling, Tales of Wisdom and Might. Then, they tempted us recently with Turnbull Suit 7″, a prelude their new creation, Ghost of Nuclear Future, due to be released September 24th. In light of this […]

Her Harbour at RBC Bluesfest

There were two instances at RBC Bluesfest which were rare, magical… otherworldly. The first was at the Barney Danson Theatre on the evening of July 13th – the performance by Her Harbour. Voice, lyrics, and music materialized like diaphanous mysts, enveloping the capacity audience to reveal glimpses of the labyrinthine paths of her secret garden. […]

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Danielle Allard at RBC Bluesfest

On July 13th, the girl who began to perform at age three and sing at age nine, walked onto the RBC Bluesfest stage in the Barney Danson Theatre a confident professional woman – a songwriter, singer, and performer with two strong albums to her credit. Danielle Allard appeared in full body-paint as the avatar of […]

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Jill Zmud at RBC Bluesfest

The relaxed anticipation of the capacity audience broke into enthusiastic applause as Jill Zmud, her guitarist, and her backup vocalists took the stage of the RBC Bluesfest Barney Danson Theatre on July 9th. As she is immersed in family life, a show by Jill, although not rare, is still an event not to be missed. […]

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Treasure Dub Quartet at RBC Bluesfest

Without Dub, rap, hiphop, ambient, jungle, house, garage, grime and multiple other bass driven and dance music genres may not have been even thought of. Acknowledging and conjuring that history, the Treasure Dub Quartet brought it to the Black Sheep Stage at the RBC Bluesfest on Saturday, July 9th. Citing Joe Gibbs as their inspiration, […]

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The Heavy Medicine Band at RBC Bluesfest

“No rain! No rain!” was the mantra running through my head – and possibly many other people’s – as The Heavy Medicine Band entered the Claridge Homes Stage yesterday evening. Synonymous with the prophetic overcast skies of RBC Bluesfest‘s second day, the music of this poetic Psychedelic quartet set precisely the right atmosphere. Opening to […]

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Snowday, The Visit, and DF at Pressed 2016-07-06

Last Wednesday, Pressed hosted a complete evening of eclectic experimental music with the Toronto chillout project Snowday, Ottawa’s own cello/vocalist duo The Visit, and in from Montreal, sound and light artists DF. Bringing this night at Pressed into focus were the experimental minimalist Montreal duo of Dustin Finer and Daniel Freder (a.k.a. DF). Dustin composes […]

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Scattered Clouds at Bluesfest

The intimate space and fine acoustics of the Barney Danson Theatre was an excellent setting for experiencing PostApocalyptic PostRock artists, Scattered Clouds, as one of the three Ottawa bands opening RBC Bluesfest this year. Philippe Charbonneau and Jamie Kronick performed as a duo for this appearance, as Mike Dubue is on tour with Little Scream. […]

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Prayer Wheels Debut Choir-Rock EP ‘Spring’

Self-described “choir-rock” band Prayer Wheels increases their presence on the Ottawa music scene with Spring, their four-song debut EP to be released by Ringbill Records on June 27, 2016. Featuring four vocalists in harmony, this quintet has the potential to carve an impressive niche locally and beyond. Selected from songs Pierce McKennirey (bass/guitar/vocals) had been […]

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