Animal Confession will celebrate release of Age of Today at Live On Elgin

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Animal Confession promo. Photo credit - Dave Di Ubaldo

Animal Confession. Photo credit: Dave Di Ubaldo

Animal Confession have just released their latest album – Age of Today. They’ll be celebrating the release with a show at Live On Elgin on . Joining them for the evening will be The Dead Centuries, Polarity and Maybe May.

The doors open at 8pm. Advance tickets are $10, or $12 at the door. Up to date show details can be found on the Facebook event page.

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We recently spoke with bassist Patrick Quesnel about the band’s new album. Be sure to check out the lead video for Ritual.

How did you start working with Steve Foley and what did he help bring to the album?
We’ve known Steve for a number of years and Andrew ran into him at a show and floated the idea of working together. A few months later pre-production started. Steve really solidified our ideas and made them better and made us think differently about how to structure music. He approached our songs with some fresh ideas that we wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. He also just really understood what we were after, and that we wanted to go in a different direction than the first record, and he absolutely delivered.

What is your writing process like when approaching new material?
Often it starts with one of us bringing a riff and we just sort of flesh it out from there and try to write parts and get a sense of what the rythym and speed will be. Once we’re all comfortable with the song structure at that point vocals and melodies start to come in and it just goes from there.

How long was the band working on the new material before deciding to head into the studio?
We were on a long break from our first record and gradually started jamming out some new ideas. Once we gained some steam we really started to produce more ideas and from the time we started jamming these songs to actually being in the studio was roughly 3 years.

Were the songs ready to go heading in to the studio, or was there still some writing/creating happening during the recording process?
Musically they were all completely finished, but lyrically and vocally a lot of creating happened in the studio. It took a while to flesh out all the ideas and make sure everything made sense and sounded great.

You’re playing Bluesfest this year. How did you get the news and what was your reaction when you found out?
Andrew received an email with the news and gasped and started laughing. We’ve applied to RBC Bluesfest many times and actually getting the call is surreal.

What else lies ahead for the band in 2018?
We head to Toronto for Canadian Music Week on May 12. After RBC Bluesfest we’ll be playing Voodoo Rockfest in Napanee on September 22nd and we’re going to just continue playing out of town and make pushing this record our priority for the foreseeable future.

Other upcoming shows

  • – The Hideout (Canadian Music Week), Toronto ON
  • – RBC Bluesfest, Ottawa ON

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