Spotlight Ottawa is an ezine dedicated to the Ottawa music scene. With an emphasis on local artists and venues, Spotlight Ottawa engages live music enthusiasts with stunning photography, passionate live coverage, and relevant, informative interviews—captured from the perspective of seasoned, urban music fanatics.

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The Fanatics

Scott Martin - founder, photographer, writer

Scott Martin – Founder, writer, photographer

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Mike Milito

Mike Milito – Writer

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Mike is an Ottawa writer and recent graduate of the University of Ottawa with an honours degree and English minor. Currently, he is completing the Professional Writing program at Algonquin College. Mike also contributes to Breaking the Trend. Writing both professionally and creatively, he revolves around music and strives to increase the publicity of the Ottawa music scene – which he is involved in through Spotlight and his band, Lost Acres.

Past contributors

Kristopher Bras – Writer
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Dave Manning – Writer
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David Haddad – Writer
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Kimberley Laws – Writer
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Meg O’Connell – Writer
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Terry Steeves – Writer, photographer
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Jillian Szacki – Writer
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Eric Thompson – Writer
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Do you like to write?

Spotlight Ottawa is currently looking for additional regular contributors. If you are passionate about the Ottawa music scene and want to help promote it, contact me to discuss becoming a writer for the site.